Agents of Hope

Igniting Hope In the Last Chance Saloon with Hilary Hickmore

May 04, 2021 Tim Cox, Hilary Hickmore Season 2 Episode 6
Agents of Hope
Igniting Hope In the Last Chance Saloon with Hilary Hickmore
Show Notes

Series 2 Episode 6 

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In this episode, I talk to Hilary Hickmore,  an Educational Psychologist who has spent her career in a large variety of roles with her unique approach to helping systems understand and respond to the needs of children, who are, sometimes at risk of exclusion. 

Hilary and I discuss her psychology career which spans the last 30 years since she trained in Southampton in the early 90s.  Hilary has worked in many interesting ways to make systems more inclusive and help educators to have hope even when it feels like they are in the last chance saloon.  We discuss the pervasive and sustained nature of this challenge in Educational Psychology and education in general. 

Hilary and I then explore her CRRES model. In preparation for this we worked through a CRRES activity in preparation for this episode. You can see that activity here: 

In doing this we talk about what is meant by therapeutic assessment and how it felt to work through this sort of activity to help me talk about my state of mind, in a way that wouldn't usually.  We discuss applications in day to day EP practice and how people can find out more about this approach. 


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